Truly Ancient Technology gifts David and Tanya's previously ordinary Spirits and minds with super powers far beyond the ordinary.
     They become the ultimate spies, but must navigate the many dangers of their new lives.


Science Fiction, Visionary & Metaphysical, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Multiple Universes, Time Travel, and Mystery.

by rj newbould (click to see about the Author)


e-Book available worldwide for $3.99 USD in all parallel universes having internet access.

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Reviews for Spyrits Volume 1
        Interdimensional travel is much more of a reality these days making Volume 1 of Spyrits by RJ Newbould both relevant, thought provoking and possible. It is an interesting story with twists and turns that the reader doesn’t see coming. As David and Tanya hone their new found skills in mind control and time travel stories unfold in a very interesting manner. I am looking forward to Volume 2 and I can’t wait to see if they have fallen into the hands of double agents or kindred souls in Nikolas and Natasha.

Maria Tellier

  Hello, RJ.

      Good story! It is a well-written page-turner. I would have enjoyed a little more flesh on the story’s good bones, though. Add some details that sharpen the focus on the good guys and the bad guys. I hope the sequel is twice as long, and just as exciting. You have a very inventive mind, RJ, and not merely in the shop. Keep writing! I’ll gladly buy the next one, too.

Jeff Perry

        R. J. Newbould has put together an interesting story that combines science fiction, the paranormal, and a small bit of fantasy. His protagonists, David and Tanya, have abilities to walk outside their bodies (astral projection). This helps them locate killers that are seeking the source of their power.

      While creative, the one thing the author didn’t do is place serious challenges to using this power. They were told to avoid drinking alcohol. Being tricked into drinking a spiked drink could have upped the tensions. They could have also been forced to confront their foes on the astral plane. The result is that the crises are somewhat unsatisfying. All the elements are there, and it will be interesting to see if the author challenges the protagonists in a more significant fashion.

---Kurt D. Springs


      Although, Si-Fi is not my typical genre I found Spyrits interesting and a quick read. As RJ's debut novel I think he did a great job with weaving the plot and characters.
      The main characters, David & Tanya find each other and love blossoms as well as their knowledge and skill as travelers within their universe.
      As a Christian I found the idea of spirits leaving the body at will a little disturbing but taking the book completely as a work of FICTION I had fun with the topic.
      Nelson Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, mysteries by John Sandford or Gillian Flynn are more my typical read.
      Spyrits was entertaining and amusing. In future books I'd like to see the character's personalities mature and story line become more sophisticated and suspenseful

---Wendy Bouchard



     I really enjoyed this book because it dealt with quantum physics, parallel universes and the continuum of life, All subjects that interest me. It's good food for thought.

---Don Bouchard


     Very interesting read. Finished it in 1 day. You have to pay attention to the twists and turns of the plot to follow all. I don't read many books twice. I may with this one due to the details that I think I missed. Hopefully this will continue as a series....

---Peter Schmidt

       The best thing that I can say about this unpredictable, yet believable, episode of "Spyrits" is that it was way too short! Can't wait for the movie (lol).
But seriously, Newbould knows how to keep us wanting more.....

---David Perkins

       I have just finished reading the novel Spyrits 1, by the author RJ Newbould.

     I read the novel in two days, primarily because I had trouble putting it down. It is hard to believe that this is Mr. Newbould`s first novel. It is well written, Grammatically and geographically correct, not to mention, very interesting.

     Looking forward to the next one.

---Robert R. Lefebvre

   Once I had become well oriented to the characters and the background layout of the plot, I found the story line to be very creative and most intriguing. It is smoothly developed, with one situation leading suavely into each one that follows. In general, the book is so cleverly composed, that I found myself becoming quite spellbound as the narrative continued. The section dealing with the Filipino assassins is particularly well done. I deeply anticipate the arrival of Volume 2. and most definitely am in the market to purchase it.

---Ray Collins, Inverness FL


     In reading this first volume of Spyrits, I was able to imagine what it would be like if such scientific possibilities existed. And to be honest, I was quite excited. Should these things be possible, sign. me. up. It took me the first couple chapters to get into the authors way of writing, but once I did the story flowed easily and I was able to get into the story quite well and enjoyed it tremendously. A Terrific read, and am looking forward to seeing what is in store for volume II ~ I can only imagine.

---Mary Lou Wynegar




About the Author

RJ and his 2 favorite Spyrits

After over 60 years in the Tool & Die and Mold-Making Industry, while creating several patents, RJ is channeling his creativity into writing. He still designs and manufactures tools for toolmakers, but finds much passion in his new fiction writing venture.

In writing Spyrits Volume 1, his first novel, RJ put his creative imagination to the test.

He hopes you enjoy reading Spyrits Volume 1, as much as he enjoyed writing it.

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